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'Pegasus City Makes

Perfect Dallas Summer Beers'

Inside our Interview with Brian Reinhart for the Dallas Observer

 Photo: Brian Reinhart

Photo: Brian Reinhart

We were thrilled to have Brian Reinhart visit the Tiny Tap, where we were able to chat about our style of beers that can be enjoyed year-round, though are especially refreshing in the heat of a Texas summer.  You see, Pegasus City Brewery is not typical. Our beer lineup stands out among the crowd, not because we are flashy, but because we’re the exact opposite. 

"Pegasus City has already gained a deserved reputation as a purveyor of classic styles: lagers, ambers, porters. There are no IPAs at Pegasus City, nor are there sours, wild-fermented brews or barrel-aged experiments. Nothing it makes could be remotely called trendy. That’s what makes it good,” Brian explains.

Will Cotten, co-owner and brewmaster, developed our core lineup of more classic styles that focus on drinkability, using hops to balance the sweetness of the higher A.B.V., and letting the flavor emerge from the malts and keep the finish clean. To do so is a difficult task, and is a challenge our talented brewmaster continues to embrace with each beer. 

Balance and just-rightness are hallmarks of Pegasus City — so much so that tasting notes can be difficult to write. Each beer is tuned right to the heart of its chosen style…”

In addition to our core lineup, our limited-release brews tend toward hybridization of classic styles, producing truly unique beers that strive to be different and fresh, while keeping that year round drinkability. These currently include our Imperial Sixth Floor Porter, Dutchover TX Dubbel, and the Woofus NTX Common Ale, among others. 

“My summer go-to is likely to be the Woofus, a strange beast that just made its canned debut. It’s a hybrid of a kölsch, steam beer and cream ale. Will Cotten’s idea was to combine the light, easy-drinking character of a kölsch with the thicker mouthfeel and tiny bubbles of a cream ale. It drinks a little like an uncloudy hefeweizen, or like a kölsch that wants you to remember it five seconds after you drank it. The Woofus is immaculately balanced and clean-feeling,” Brian raves.

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Visit our beer map to find our beers near you, or visit our taproom to sample the entire lineup! 

Adrian Cotten