New Beer Release

Summer's over! 

Unless you live here in Texas, where it decided to get hotter and more humid once September hit. Good thing our new seasonal doesn't discriminate, and can be enjoyed now in these last days of heat (here's hoping), all the way through the colder months. 

Our Big "D" Jamboree, a hybrid of a Marzen and a traditional Festbier, has the clean finish and balanced flavor you'll find in all of our brews. Medium-bodied and auburn-colored, this lager has a delicious, nutty caramel flavor and the subtle aroma of freshly baked bread. 

The Big "D" Jamboree was a radio program on KRLD, broadcast live at the Sportatorium. Dallas' own 'radio barn dance' of the time, the show brought myriad well-known country performers, but went against the grain by focusing mostly on local talent. Eyebrows continued to raise as the program preferred artists who played styles other than western swing - the most popular form of country music at the time. In doing so, Big "D" Jamboree provided an alternative venue for country music and stood, quite successfully, apart from other radio barn dances, setting the stage for rockabilly in the region. 

Pairs well with Fletcher's corny dogs, Charline Arthur (go ahead, google her), and good cheer. 


Adrian Cotten