Highpoint Porch Ale - now in cans!

Our Highpoint Porch Ale is now available in cans! The original #porchapproved beer can now be enjoyed on your very own porch...

Ever wonder why we call it a Porch Ale? Well, we decided to make up the name for this style of beer (which is an English Mild Ale), since it has a particularly special place in our lineup - and hearts. Highpoint Porch Ale was the very first beer ever made by Pegasus City Brewery (and was made long before the brewery even existed!). We made it on a porch, and drank it on a porch, and so solidified its name as Porch Ale. 

We'd love to see you enjoying these on your own porch...Snap a pic and use #porchapproved - and see your photo on our social medias! 

Looking to pick up a 6-pack (or two!)? Use this handy map to find the nearest retailer! Cheers!

Adrian Cotten